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Columbia Records published 5/29/2020

Music industry leader Columbia Records supported the #theshowmustpause movement, promoted the #blackouttuesday movement, and donated financial support to social justice initiatives alongside parent company Sony, which was announced via subsequent posts.
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  1. I like the way the corporations’ messages are shown against replies, bit I’m having difficulty reading the replies because the font is too small for my imperfect vision.

  2. One question that arises for me is “what is the criteria with which the replies were chosen”?

    • The criteria were/are posts that pushed back against the corporate messaging to show how the vox populi maintains the integrity of the social justice movements.

  3. To continue with Carolyn’s statement we decided to go with the most recent comments as a way to show the current status of the public’s thoughts regarding the message being highlighted. Going through each comment and picking which ones to post felt to be too much of an insertion on our part.

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