#Blacklivesmatter: Founded in 2013, the social justice movement has kept growing alongside continued police brutalities and other injustices against the black community and has spawned additional significant social movements such as #sayhername and most recently, #blackouttuesday .

#Blackouttuesday : “Blackout Tuesday is an initiative to go silent on social media, reflect on recent events, and stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.” — insider.com. Starting on May 2020 with the #theshowmustbepaused hashtag started by the music industry, #blackouttuesday branched out as a sub-moment on June 2020. This one was shared across all platforms by the music and non-music companies and influential individual. Symbolized by a black square and usually indicating either a linked resource to anti-racism information or with donation information for anti-racism organizations.

#StopAsianHate: Launched in response to the prejudice against the Asian American and Pacific Islander community instigated when former President Trump labeled the Covid-19 pandemic as the “China virus.” Since March 2020 there have been alarming, ongoing, and increasing racially motivated online and physical attacks.

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