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Amazon Followers: 3.6 M Likes: 1,230 SURVEY

Netflix Followers: 11.6 M Likes: 25.6 K SURVEY

Walmart Followers: 1.2 M Likes: 581 SURVEY


Apple Followers: 25. 5M Likes: 379 K SURVEY + video post: 181,934 likes with 1.3 million views SURVEY

Columbia records Followers: 632 K Likes: 5, 291 SURVEY+ video post: 1,980 likes with 4,115 views SURVEY

H&M Followers: 36.8 M Likes: 57,536 SURVEY

MAC Followers:24M Likes: 33.1 K SURVEY

McDonald’s Followers: 4M Likes: 15,780  +118k (video/s) SURVEY

Nordstrom Followers: 3.3 M Likes: 19.1 k SURVEY

Target Followers: 4.5 M Likes: 42.4 K SURVEY

Walmart Followers: 2.5 M Likes: 3,947 SURVEY


Amazon Followers: 3.6 M Likes: 9,926 SURVEY

Disney Followers: 7.4 M Likes: 69.1K SURVEY

McDonald’s Followers: 3.9 M Likes: 11.5 K SURVEY

Netflix Followers: 11.6 M Likes: 1 M SURVEY

Nordstrom Followers: 74.14 K Likes: 282 SURVEY

SavageXFenty Followers: 213K Likes: 2,528 SURVEY

Target Followers: 2.1 M Likes: 8,646 SURVEY


Amazon Followers: 3.1 M Likes: 22.9 K SURVEY

Columbia records Followers: 632 K Likes: 6,062 SURVEY

Disney Followers: 29.6 M Likes: 667 K main post + video post: 96,791 likes with  520K views SURVEY

Instagram Followers:390 M Likes: 1.1 M SURVEY

MAC Followers: 24 M Likes: 45. 8K SURVEY

Motown Followers: 324 K Likes 21.K SURVEY

Nordstrom Followers: 3.3 M Likes: 41.2K  + video post with 111k views SURVEY

RCA Records Followers: 376 k Likes: 1,559 SURVEY

Recording Academy Followers: 2.1 M Likes: 7,005 SURVEY

SavageXFenty Followers: 4.2 M Likes: 45.9 K SURVEY

Target Followers: 4.5 M Likes: 46.1 K SURVEY

WBPictures Followers: 5.9M Likes: 19 K SURVEY


Peloton Followers: 149.2K Likes: 386 SURVEY

WarnerMedia Followers: 66.1K Likes: 900 SURVEY

WellsFargo Followers: 326.4K Likes: 50 SURVEY

ViacomCBS Followers: 185.6K Likes: 130 SURVEY

Target Followers: 2.1M Likes: 1,096 SURVEY

Stanley Black & Decker: Followers: 8,204 Likes: 6 SURVEY

Starbucks Followers: 10.9M and Likes: 924 SURVEY

Rite Aid Followers: 84.8K Likes: 7 SURVEY

PepsiCo Followers: 349.1K Likes: 51 SURVEY

Nordstrom Followers: 714.2K Likes: 200 SURVEY

Kroger Followers: 162.6K Likes: 77 SURVEY

General Motors Followers: 769.1K Likes: 147 SURVEY

McKesson Corporation Followers: 21.9K Likes: 12 SURVEY

Facebook Followers: 13.2M Likes: 288 SURVEY

eBay Followers: 744.4K Likes:76 SURVEY

CVS Followers: 337.7K Likes: 29 SURVEY

Comcast Followers: 178.3K Likes: 51 SURVEY

Colourpop Followers: 1.3M Cosmetics Likes: 1,445 SURVEY

AIG Insurance Followers: 42.5K Likes: 21 SURVEY


ESPN Followers: 19.1M Likes: 400,687 SURVEY

HBO Followers: 4.1M Likes: 18,285 SURVEY

Valentino Followers: 14.6M Likes: 49,301 SURVEY

Oscar De La Renta Followers: 5M Likes: 12,791 SURVEY

Microsoft Followers: 3.1M Likes: 23,036 SURVEY

Complex Followers: 8.6M Likes: 103,413 SURVEY

Tory Burch Followers: 2.6M Likes:6,019 SURVEY

Carolina Herrera Followers: 5.4M Likes: 3,374 SURVEY

Benefit Cosmetics Followers: 10M Likes: 8,796 SURVEY

Tommy Hilfiger Followers: 13.7M Likes: 20,216 SURVEY

Kate Spade Followers: 2.8M Likes: 29,186 SURVEY

Mac Cosmetics Followers: 24M Likes: 8,565 SURVEY

Warner Brothers Entertainment Followers: 2.9M Likes: 8,410 SURVEY

Calvin Klein Followers: 21.2M Likes: 21,392 SURVEY

Versace Followers: 23.5M Likes: 25,388 SURVEY

Nickelodeon Followers: 6.1M Likes: 9,408 SURVEY

Adidas Followers: 25.9M Likes: 67,403 SURVEY

Converse Followers: 10.2M Likes: 40,129 SURVEY

Nike Followers: 144M Likes: 352,267 SURVEY

*metrics collected from the initial corporate social media post/s

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